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5 Tips for Thoughtful Gift Giving

Finding or creating the perfect thoughtful gift for someone is one of my favorite things, and I never want to give people stuff just for the sake of stuff. Here are a few tips to help you achieve expert level gifting and have fun doing it!

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Studio Sale FAQ & Preview

 A couple times a year, I clean out my studio and offer some of my not-quite-perfect items at a discount. The imperfections are small (like, barely noticeable) but the savings are big! Get all the details below. The sale is exclusively for email subscribers, so make sure you're on the list to get access! WHEN IS THE SALE? The sale starts at 8:00am EST on Saturday, June 27th until 11:00 pm EST on Sunday, June 28th. I’ll be sure to send you a reminder before it starts!   WHAT'S IN THE SALE? See a preview of what's coming in the pics throughout this blog post. There’s a huge variety of items that end up in the sale, and for a variety of reasons. Sample items, including...

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Share Some Sunshine While Staying Home

My husband and I both work from home and have a "routine" that works for us, alternating between one of us working while the other wrangles our toddler during the day, so this quarantine thing hasn't really made our daily lives look too different from normal. (Don't get me wrong, having everything closed has made us get more creative - and patient - with entertaining Oliver).  Lately he's really gotten into coloring (which I love, of course) so today I let him color up a storm and then I'll turn those tiny masterpieces into cards to send to his grandparents. We were planning to see some of them at Easter, but with all that's going on right now I don't...

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