100 Paintings in 100 Days... Sort of.

Update Sept 2020 - A few of these are now available for purchase here!

A couple months ago I decided to start a 100 day project, creating a mini work of art every day for 100 days. I knew there would be some days that I missed, and some days that I did more than one. 

Am I up to date on this? Nope. And I’m not all that surprised. I am still continuing to create 100 little pieces for this project, but am giving myself some grace with the timeline.

As of my count today, I have 31 pieces (which is only about half of where I should be right now.) Some of them I LOVE. Some I’m pretty “meh” about, but those were still learning experiences.


100 paintings in 100 days progress shot from kate shore art

First off, here is what I’ve learned so far:

  • Quarantine doesn’t mean more painting time. It actually means less painting time because allllll of my mental and physical energy is going toward entertaining a toddler who I can’t take anywhere while making sure he is still in his happy little childhood bubble where nothing is wrong with the world. 
  • I should have picked some sort of theme or other specific parameters. Leaving it wide open sounded like a good idea but it has made it much more daunting.
  • 100 is a lot… If I do this again I’ll probably do a 30 day project. I would be able to keep the momentum up more.
  • It’s ok to take a break or change course. I’m usually pretty good at keeping promises to myself and following through, but sometimes other things have to take priority and that’s ok. 

My Faves 

My favorites so far have all been on paper, most of them in acrylic paint with other details drawn with various pens. 

Update Sept 2020 - A few of these are now available for purchase here!

teal and pink abstract painting teal and pink abstract painting  teal and gold small abstract art on paper  

This little teal and gold one might be my number one favorite right now!


blue unique necklaces

These will all be necklaces - still need to attach them into their pendants!


jellyfish painting


Annnd My Not So Faves...

My least favorites are the watercolors. This is to be expected, it’s a medium I’ve just never really had success with. But I am glad I tried a few (and then was equally glad to return to my acrylics). 

watercolor abstract paintings


Technically not part of the project...

...but I actually have been doing a lot of artwork! Do my driveway chalk drawings count toward my total?

pretty chalk drawings during quarantine


A few of the pieces have been listed here and are looking for their new homes! My email insiders are always first to know when new pieces become available, so if you're not on the list yet, you can sign up here!


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