5 Artists that Will Calm Your Nerves and Make You Smile

As I write this, we're in the middle of all the Corona Virus craziness. I have tried to stay off social media and avoid the news a good bit, because I can feel myself tense up any time I tune in to it. 

One thing that helps me is looking at art that I find soothing. When I create my own art, I try to paint pieces that will bring a sense of calm into whatever space they are displayed in. I have pulled together a list of some of my favorite artists below.

I hope you find one that can bring you some peace of mind. I'm not telling you to go out and buy something from all of them (unless you feel moved to do so) - this is truly just a collection of pretty, calming art that i think you will enjoy. 

So if you're sick of listening to the news or seeing the same things pop up on your screen over and over, check out these artists and see something new!


Jess Swan

I’m not sure how I came across Australian artist Jess Swan on Instagram, but I was instantly obsessed. Her styles range from abstract to seascapes to florals, and always in bright, dreamy colors.

Her videos of her painting on instagram are mesmerizing, and the finished products are just so refreshing and calming. I really want to save up to buy an original of hers some day. 

jess swan art - wave jess swan art beachjess swan art

Swell Ceramics

Melanie creates gorgeous pottery in her studio in North Carolina, and just opened her own shop! Not that I need a reason to visit the Outer Banks, but I definitely want to stop in there some time.

She releases batches of pottery on her website every month or so, and it sells out in minutes! I have one of her NC mugs and I use it all the time. Someday I’ll snag one of her Bioluminescent mugs.

Bonus - her instagram features lots of videos of her adorable dog Nala!

swell ceramics swell ceramics swell ceramics


Britt Fabello

It’s no secret I’m drawn to teals and blues, but Britt Fabello makes me love neutrals! Lately she’s been creating collections of embroidery stitched into paper, all based on her journeys to different locations.

I’ve never seen anything like it, and the finished pieces are geometric, abstract, precise, and full of soft textures. She’s also great at documenting her work over on Instagram, and I love watching her process. 

britt fabello britt fabello


If her colorful artwork doesn’t make you smile, maybe we shouldn’t be friends… Emily has such a cool and unique style, all inspired by outdoor adventures and all full of joy. I have a couple of her prints in my house, and a sticker on my computer. 

mle jay mle jay

Margaret Lipsey 

She’s always experimenting with new styles, but my faves are always the abstract ones with lots and lots of texture. It just draws you into the painting and makes you forget about everything else around you.


I hope you found a piece of art in here that brought a smile to your face. If you are interested in one of these artists, be sure to let them know how much you like them and share their work with someone else you think would love it!


  • Kate Shore

    Thanks Anita! So glad you enjoyed looking at the art of all these talented people!

  • Anita Shields Page

    Beautiful art here done well by very talented people! Thank you for sharing!

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