100 Paintings in 100 Days

I think people assume that artists are just able to paint/draw/create all day every day. But unless you're a complete hermit with zero distractions, or if you have a team of people that does all of your other daily tasks for you, then that's not usually the case. For me, most of my time goes toward momming a (very active) toddler, and when it comes to my business, so much of my time goes to the not-so-creative tasks. 

If you follow me on instagram, you may have already gotten a glimpse of what I've been doing this year. Starting a earlier this month, I decided to create 100 pieces of art in the next 100 days. (eek!)

So, in an effort to make sure I'm continuing to create new work, I decided to do this 100 day project. Most days I'll create a single piece, some days I may need to skip (remember that toddler I mentioned earlier?) and then get caught back up. 

I'm hoping to release most (maybe all) of them for sale, listing 10 or so at a time. So far I’ve done pretty well with keeping up with it, although some days have been more successful than others (we won’t talk about day 4 yet... she still needs some love....)

teal abstract paintings

My main goal is simply to be able to do something creative every day, even if I just have a few minutes to devote to it. I am also hoping to experiment with new ideas and materials, and I’m excited to see what comes of my artwork when I have a short time limit and no particular plan for a piece.

In the short time I’ve been doing it so far, I’ve already seen some new styles show up on the paper and canvas. This then sparks new ideas for me to try during this project, along with ideas for larger new pieces as well. 

I’m planning to check in and share my progress with a few more blogs throughout the project, but if you want to see what I’m up to day to day, you can follow along on Instagram.  And if you want to be first to know when the new pieces will be listed for sale, be sure to sign up for my newsletter here >>>

Here are a few more pics of my favorites so far!

teal and coral abstract painting

teal and coral abstract art

abstract copper and teal painting

small copper abstract painting by kate shore


  • Kate Shore

    Nicole – I’m sorry I’m just now seeing this comment. Thank you SO SO MUCH for all of your support. It makes me so happy knowing that you love my art and that so many pieces have found a wonderful home with you. Thanks for following along!

  • Nicole

    You never cease to amaze me, and your work during this 100 day project is beautiful! I cannot wait to see them available for purchase, I would love to add some of these pieces to my Kate Shore collection. Keep up the wonderful work!

  • Kate Shore

    Hi Kelli, thanks for the note! Sorry I didn’t see it til now. The toddler struggle is very real. I’m definitely not up to date on the project but am still making progress. By forcing myself to work smaller (and in a time limit) it’s been fun to see what I come up with.

  • Kelli A Lambiase

    They look amazing!!! 100-day projects are a huge commitment but as you’ve already seen you gain soo much out of them. Don’t be hard on yourself if you skip some days, I have a toddler too and it’s non-stop! You rock for pushing yourself, many Kudos from St. Pete, FL!!

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